Homemade Fog Fluid

Make your own fog fluid... this is the spell book that contains it.

Homemade Fog Fluid

Fog fluid getting a bit expensive or you are like me and need to run fog machines for 4 hours a night for an entire month. Here is an easy guide to making your own fog fluid.

Supplies Needed

  • Vegetable Glycerin (99.7% or greater purity)

  • Distilled Water

  • (Optional) Vinegar

The Spell... uhhh I mean Recipe

  • 20% Glycerin

  • 80% Distilled Water

  • (Optional) Cap Full of Vinegar / Gallon

This is my ideal mixture (by volume). You can vary your glycerin to water ratio as low at 10/90 and ratio as high as 30/70.

Customizing off the Shelf Fluid

Looking to boost your off the shelf fluid to be a thicker mixture? Most Halloween store stock fluids are about a 10% concentration of glycerin/glycol to Distilled water. You can boost the concentration by adding more glycerin to the mixture. See my Maker Your Own Fog Fluid video below for the section on Customizing off the Shelf Fluid.

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