Stranger Things: Billy Hargrove
Season 4 Episode 4... We all remember Max levitating while... I guess if you haven't seen it, no spoilers. This tombstone is the Bully Tombstone but with the blooper rendition too.
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I am a huge Stranger Things fan and what better than Billy, I mean William, wait yeah Billy's tombstone. Just to add the icing on the cake with the blooper of the tombstone magically becoming William when Max starts levitating, both name stencils are included.
Check out how to create tombstones in the Tombstone Page. This tombstone is designed to be cut into 2" Extruded Polystyrene Foamboard Insulation. The base and top of the tombstone is designed to be 3 layer thick of 2" foam.
When finishing this tombstone to get the rough chipped granite look, use the spray bottle, water, heat gun technique on your foam to get that authentic rough look. We have a link to the technique being used by Wicked Makers on our tombstone page.
Difficulty: Low

Included are files to Print a template of the tombstone.

Templates: Maker86 Industries

Image may be subject to copyright
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