Locomotive Assembly and Maintenance (Playskool Express)

Disassembly Instruction

Coming Soon!

Locomotive Disassembled

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Replacement Parts

Finding parts for this train set in the last few years seemed to be scabbing from one train and transferring to another. I am working to restore this train to its former glory and provide parts from the motor control system, to common broken parts, and eventually even replacement locomotives and track.

Locomotive Traction Bands: https://m86toys.com/product/locomotive-traction-band-replacement-set-3-pack-compatible-w-playskool-express-1988-1991-train-sets/

Locomotive Cab Cap: https://m86toys.com/product/replacement-car-wheel-set-2-pack-compatible-w-playskool-express-1988-1991-train-sets-copy/

Motor Control System: Coming in April 2024!

Motor Control System Battery Contacts: Coming in May 2024!

Locomotive Rear Wheel: Coming in 2024!

Locomotive Middle Wheel and Arm: Coming in 2024!

Locomotive Front Wheel and Gear: Coming in 2024!

Motor Control Board and Battery Contact Clean up

Coming Soon!

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