Among Us (Live Action Play)

For my twin boys 6th Birthday we put together an unexpected super successful version of a live action play version of Among Us (Real Life Game). We want to share how we did it.

Game Description...

"Among Us is basically a game of survival, where you either have to vote off all of the imposters and complete all the tasks, and the imposter has to kill all of the crewmates or stop them from completing the designated tasks to win." Wikipedia

Game Play Setup...

  • Each player receives a whistle

  • Establish a graveyard for crewmate ghosts and players voted out

  • Establish an emergency meeting button or table to meet around for emergency meetings / dead body reports. Having an audible button will help the game moderator know when it is pressed. If you want a cheap option, go to staples and buy an easy button... they are around $6.

  • Put up signs for task stations that are more subtle or harder to find

  • Spread out your tasks. We used our front yard, back yard and garage to place tasks.

  • Place tasks in spots that give imposters the ability to tag crewmates and not be seen.

    • We have a fenced in yard and did not allow gates to be used to get from front to back, instead we used the door to the back yard in our garage as the only way to get from front to back. This allowed for hiding areas for imposters to do their bidding on the sides of our house.

  • Make card to pass out that gives a list of what tasks each player needs to complete. Make sure each card is a different order of tasks.

    • We did 5 tasks for each player and it worked out really well. Each task card had a clipart icon to help the younger kids identify what task they were to go and do next. (See Documents and Links below for the game cards we made.)

  • Kids younger than 6 might need to be pairs with an older kid or an adult.

    • We had 16 kids that played... kids as young as 4 and as old as 11 that played. When we paired it down there was 12-13 groups/players.

Game Rules...

- 5 - 15 players... The more players the more chaotic and fun the game is. - A game moderator is needed to manage the game - Each Player gets a task card - Crewmates must complete their tasks - Imposters can't die. If an imposter tags another imposter nothing happens. - An imposter must tag a crewmate to "kill" them - If you are "killed" by an imposter you fall where you are tagged. Once the horn is blown you go to the graveyard and you become a "ghost" until the game is over. - Blow whistle to report a dead body. Imposters can report dead bodies. - If you hear fog horn meet at front table - Hit front table button to call an emergency meeting and air horn will be blown - Each player can call an emergency meeting once per round - Ghosts are not allowed to talk to players that are alive but can talk to other ghosts and players that were voted out - The game ends when there is 1 or less remaining crewmates or the crewmates vote out all the imposters or the remaining crewmates complete their tasks - Voting skip... hold your hand up in the air when you are asked to vote. - Voting someone out of the game... Point at who you are voting for. - (Optional) The Identity of the Person voted out will be revealed before they go to the graveyard. - Just like in the real game have fun with the rules and change things up with each round to keep it interesting and fun.

Meeting Table -n- Graveyard

Task Stations...

- Archery... Hit the target 3 times

- Shoot 5 Nerf darts through ring

- Stack and Unstack cups

- Jump in Bouncy house 10 times and slide down slide... No Shoes!

- Put puzzle together and undo

- Go down the slide 3 times

- Load hot wheels track and launch cars twice

- Complete the maze (paper)

- Roll dice until you get doubles

- Kick soccer ball into the goal 5 times

Game Layout...

(Game Cards / Display Signs) Google Sheet Doc: / PDF:

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