Casting (Resin and Silicone)

From casting replica's to "print to production" casting. This is the place to be for Resin and Silicone Casting.

The MalaMaker Casting History

Picked up a hobby during Covid to pass the time or learn something new? ...yup, right there with you. Never would I guess that developing alternative filter layering to find alternatives to N95 mask filter levels (The MalaMask Project) would lead me to mold making and silicone / rubber / urethane casting.



It's amazing the things that you can make with resin/rubber casting. From fun to functional to production... this world offers capabilities that I never guessed. Now with the launch of the Axe handle mold it prompted me to launching maker86 Industries. A dream I have had to take me and my hobbies and ambitions and turn them into something I can offer others.


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