Pumpkin Carving

See how we do pumpkin carving... (#Halloween)

We strive for the perfect pumpkin carving and our techniques are different but the result is great. Don't forget to visit the photo album at the end of this post to see more photos of how we carve and things we have carved in the past.

Gutting the Pumpkin

Can I just say... POWER TOOLS! This got its origins about 6 years ago when my annoyance with the time consuming nature of gutting a pumpkin with those pathetic spoons you buy in the kits... so I grabbed one of the egg beater attachments from my wife's hand mixer. It is the best way to clean out the guts of a pumpkin quick.

Carving: The Transfer Technique

Things you need... a dental pick, a printout of what you want to cut into the pumpkin and packing tape. This technique is really simple, you tape the printout to the pumpkin and poke holes through the tape/paper into the pumpkin around the areas you want to cut to transfer the image to the pumpkin.

Carving: Free Hand Technique

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Persevering your Pumpkins

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Wash your Pumpkin

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Moisturize your Pumpkin

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Pumpkin Carving Photo Album

The MalaMaker Pumpkin Carving Photo Album

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