60 Degree Crisscross Track (LR2P)

Lionel Ready-To-Play Compatible Criss-Cross Track

This is a custom 60 degree crisscross train track compatible with the Lionel Ready to Play Train sets. This track was based on the 2017 Polar Express Lionel Train Set Parts but is compatible with other Lionel Ready to Play sets.

A complete set for the crisscross setup contains the following part counts...

60 Degree Crisscross (Single Piece Configuration)

60 Degree Crisscross (5 Piece Configuration w/ 25mm Short Tracks)

60 Degree Crisscross (5 Piece Configuration w/ 55mm Short Tracks)

Track Layouts

Triple Loop Setup

Note: To set up a complete figure 8 with the 60 degree crisscross set you will need 24 straight track and 32 curve track. Needing additional curve and straight track, Lionel sells 12 piece expansion packs.

Product Listings and 3D Model Downloads

M86 Toys

(Official Ready to Play Compatible Toy Site)

Listing: https://m86toys.com/product/crisscross-train-track-60-degree-lionel-ready-to-play-compatible-2/

Triple Loop Thrill Expansion Kit: https://m86toys.com/product/triple-loop-thrill-expansion-kit-lionel-ready-to-play-compatible/

Build Your Own Bundle (3 or more core* Lionel Ready to Play Compatible Accessories) Bundle Listing: https://m86toys.com/product/build-your-own-bundle-track-set-lionel-ready-to-play-compatible/

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Etsy Listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1632648426/crisscross-train-track-60-degree-lionel

3D Models

3D Print Settings: - Filament: ABS (Black) - Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm - Layer Height: 0.25-0.35mm - Support Configuration: Supports at angle 55 degrees or greater

3D Models: https://m86toys.com/product/crisscross-train-track-60-degree-lionel-ready-to-play-compatible-stl-digital-download/

(Models are Licensed Under the Maker86 Industries Digital Download License https://maker86.com/terms-and-conditions )

(*) Core accessories include crisscross tracks, loco loader track, bumper track, and railroad crossing tracks. Other pre-defined bundles are not included with the build your own bundle.

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