Countertop Transport Cart

Cart design used to move, flip and install concrete counter tops

Hardware and Supplies

  • (4x) 8-in pneumatic caster wheels (swivel)

  • (10x) 2x4 - 8ft Premium Board

  • (6x) 2x6 - 8ft Premium Board

  • (16x) 3/8" x 3-in Hex Lag Bolt

  • (16x) 3/8" Washer

  • (14x) 1/2" x 6-in Hex Bolt

  • (28x) 1/2" Washer

  • (14x) 1/2" Wing Nut

  • 1lb Box of 2.5-in Screws


Island Cart - 36-in Top - Tilts at the right angle to fit the cart through a 32-in door
Counter Top Cart - 24-in Top