Criss-Cross Track (LR2P)

Lionel Ready-To-Play Compatible Criss-Cross Track
This is a custom crisscross train track compatible with the Lionel Ready to Play Train sets. This track was based on the 2017 Polar Express Lionel Train Set Parts but is compatible with other Lionel Ready to Play sets.
A complete set for the crisscross setup contains the following part counts:
  • (Qty 1) Crisscross Track (LR2P_Train_CrissCrossTrack)
  • (Qty 4) Crisscross Straight Short Track (LR2P_Train_CrissCrossStraightTrack)
Note If you have the base track set and want to do a complete figure 8 with the crisscross set you will need 4 additional stock straight track and 12 additional stock curve track. Lionel sells expansion packs of 12 track for stock straight and curve track.
Parts are 3D printed in black ABS plastic.
(Models are Licensed Under "CC BY-NC" )